The Vision

Is to create an oppurtunity for everybody who loves Horse Racing and give them a chance to be involved and own there own piece of a Racehorse at the cost they feel they can afford . Racing Thoroughbreds is a tuff Risky Business which cost money but does have its rewards to . For people who have alway’s wanted to gamble and get into the Racing Business they first must understand that they could possibly lose all or part of there investment in a Racing Venture . It is the only Sports Business that the common man can be involved in with a group of friends or individuals and have a chance to experiance the thrill of a lifetime . American Classic Thoroughbreds works very hard to make sure that every oppurtunity is given for its Racing Ventures to succeed at the Race Track at the highest attainable level for each individual Racehorse .

The Goal

Our goal is to become one of the Premier Racing and Breeding establisments in the entire horse_runMid-Atlantic region. We strive to make every breeding a succesful one and will deliver quality, not quanity when we breed our Race Horses . Our staff of excellent horsemen and women who have years of experiance and success in the Thoroughbred Business are also a large part of our abilities to to be successful to get runners to the Races.


PA-Bred Purses Expected to Grow This Year